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Helping you connect the dots in KYC

KYC Lookup Consultancy is an independent AML/KYC provider based out of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.


KYC Lookup Consultancy provides specialist services to clients in the areas of Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer. As a truly global firm, we work with you, our clients, to align training strategies and operational processes within the ever-evolving AML regulatory environment.


At KYC Lookup Consultancy our journey started over 15 years ago. Throughout this journey we have seen how much the AML regulatory framework has evolved not just from an operational and technology perspective but also the level of training being provided. Having started as a KYC analyst we understand what having the right level of training means, hence why we pride ourselves in providing logically training in order to help improve the knowledge and understanding of a specific topic, not just training to tick the box.


KYC Lookup Consultancy Services is a sister website of KYC Lookup. KYC Lookup is a search engine to help AML/KYC analysts of any level of experience to find basic information and documentation on Customers and Funds from around the globe.


Whether you want to preform AML training for your staff in order to keep up with regulatory requirements or improve their knowledge of the topic through AML video tutorials, we are here to help.

Mission | Vision | Value


Improve the quality of underline knowledge individuals have of Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer processes.


Helping firms to fully understand the logic behind Anti-Money Laundering and the Know Your Customer process at a fraction of the price.


To bring down operational cost and time wasted to run AML/KYC teams. Centralizing your initial KYC searches, training or staying regulatory compliant.

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15 years first-hand KYC/AML experience

Extensive experience across multiple Countries

Knowledge in building online AML courses

Meeting your AML obligation with our online training